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  1. Renne Grace says:

    I really enjoy the show, but do you think once in a while you could cover some of the other gauges? I know Lionel is mostly focused on O scale, but they did make others, and there are lots of us with other scales.

    • We specialize in O gauge but have shown layouts in Standard Gauge, G gauge, HO gauge, even Lego trains. “I Love Toy Trains – All Aboard” has O gauge, G Gauge, and Lego.

      Check our website for which shows have which gauges. Tom Snyder Celebrity Layout features standard gauge.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I Love Big Trains is the DVD you need. Featuring all real trains in action, plus learn how a steam engine operates, and even take a ride on the Alaska Railroad. Sells for $19.95 and all first-time customers get free shipping, so if ordering on the website use the code: NCFREE. This DVD is made for children and sure to please your “real” railroading fan. Thanks for the inquiry and let us know his review…

  3. What videos do you recommend for little ones who are more interested in full-size trains than models? We watch episodes of I Love Toy Trains on RFD-TV and his favorite parts are definitely the “real” trains – he whines when the model railroaders come on (even though I love those segments!)

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