About TM

TM Books & Video is a video production house specializing in hobby, children and family DVDs. We have been in business since 1974 and are licensed to produce videos for Lionel, John Deere, Boeing Aircraft and Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. For more information go to TM Books & Video.

4 Responses to About TM

  1. Anonymous says:

    just watched ” all aboard ” if you are going to put out information it should be correct president lincoln had nothing to do with the transcontinental railroad meeting in utah on may 10 1869 i dont know where you got that july date the railroad had not even been started yet and he was dead by the meeting bill wood march 9 2013 10.00 am

  2. al collins says:

    In January i purchased several tapes and dvd from you and i will say that they were both first class. When i decide to p[urchase in the furture it will be from you. One thing is that i wish you would put out dvd on how to install the whole system from wiring to rail and scenery.
    Thanks Al

  3. sally says:

    Sorry Alan, we no longer publish those price guides.

  4. Alan Fein says:

    Hello. About 10 years ago, TM published excellent price guides for Lionel, MTH, Atlas, etc?. Do you still publish these books?. If not, who does?. I have been “away” from the hobby for a while and I am trying to get pricing so that I can re-evaluate my insurance on my trains. Thanks.


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