Tell Us About You

As part of a new campaign, we would like to know what you parents are talking about? What are some of the toys your kids can’t get enough of? What are some DVDs they’ve loved lately (probably ours, but it’s okay to list a competitor too, wink!) Please share with us and we look forward to chatting with you!

4 Responses to Tell Us About You

  1. Mr. K. says:


    My name is Peter. I am a sixth grade teacher in New Jersey. I have a student who is a very enthusiastic fan of all things “Lionel,” and especially of Tom McComas.

    Anyhow, he and I were wondering if there was any way of contacting Tom and perhaps scheduling an interview for our weekly current events show. My student (who shall remain nameless for internet safety reasons) would absolutely LOVE to meet and interview Tom.

    My student is ULTRA knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the history of Lionel trains. Having Tom come in would absolutely make this boy’s year.

    Even if the interview could be set up by phone, that would be amazing as well.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.


    P.S. My student would like to tell you that his favorite trains are the Tom Snyder Chesapeake and Ohio Hudson and the Lionel NY Central #5344 Hudson.

  2. Heather says:

    My son has been obsessed with John Deere ever since we found the second-hand John Deere VCR tape at the library book sale. We’ve since purchased the four-part DVD set and two of the soundtracks, which he (at 4 years of age) now knows all of the words to. He screams out JOHN DEERE when he sees green and yellow tractors at the side of the highway, and most recently, on the way home from a trip to St. Louis, my husband drove past a John Deere dealership with the kids in the back seat. My son looked out the window. “Look, Dad!” he gasped. “It’s John Deere heaven!”

    We’d like to compliment you on your genius marketing campaign.

  3. gerald robinson says:

    My son is asking for a couple of train sets we came across recently. His birthday is coming up soon, so my wife and I are thinking about getting them for him.
    Problem is we can’t find anything on these sets to know whether we will be overpaying or whether they should be insured.
    The sets are K-Line NYC 20th LTD with 5 cars and K-Line PRR Torpedo World’s Fair Edition with 5 cars.
    Are there any guides for these trains.
    Anything you can tell us will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

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